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Small But Effective Marketing Tweaks

There is no such thing as a perfect marketing strategy. At any given moment, there’s always something you can do to improve your plan on gaining loyal customers. You don’t even have to do anything drastic or complicated, because oftentimes it’s the small changes that make big differences.

Here are a few marketing tweaks you can try out for your business.

Get into social media. Some would recommend Facebook, some Twitter, others LinkedIn, and the rest any other social media network you can name off the top of your head. The bottom line is that social media is a powerful marketing tool, and if you can effectively produce regular content you’d have yourself a very effective marketing plan. In fact, recent studies have shown that Facebook is the most effective in lead generation for Business-to-Client companies, with 77% having acquired customers through the site, but LinkedIn was the most effective overall, with 65% in customer acquisition. If you want to see more facts and figures about social media, you can check out this site.

One more thing: Don’t forget to put in your social networks in your emails and business cards in order to better your chances of success.


Work on your website. These days, if your business does not have a website, it may as well not exist in the eyes of customers who rely on the internet for everything. If you do have a website, that is a very good thing, and all you have to do now is to make sure that your website design is smart and effective. Every month, newer and more effective tools for web design and development are being produced, such as Gridset (for worriless grid and column tweaking) and UX Stage (mobile web designing), both of which just having come out last month. You’ll find that a well-made website can make for great marketing.

Don’t forget your phones. Whether it is through landline or cell phones, there is one great way for you to make it easier for customers to remember and call you: personalizing your phone number. One option is that you can pay for a vanity phone number to ensure that you get something that customers would not forget, but if you already have a number and can’t be bothered to change it, you can try or and see what your existing number spells out, though there is really no guarantee.


Use your network. Having trouble finalizing your target audience? Drafting a mailing list giving you headaches? What you can do is to stop and think for a moment whether there is a person or a business within your network that works along the same or similar field as you do. With an extensive network, you’d be surprised at how well the “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” arrangement works, an example of which is exchanging lists with another company for a more solid target audience.

Evaluate, don’t stagnate. Having done all you can in order to ensure an effective marketing strategy, you’re pretty much in the money for a long time, right? Wrong. Getting back to the very first sentence, there is no such thing as a perfect marketing strategy. You have to constantly review your plans for when you need to adapt to ever-shifting trends. Always monitor your traffic with tools like Google Analytics and be sure to measure response when it comes to postcards and business cards so that you have a good idea of what is working and what is not.

Remember, it’s not always the outrageous strategies that bring home the profit. Often, small tweaks will do the trick for any and all businesses.

About Anna Cruz

Anna Cruz is the editor of PrintPlace's Small Business blog. Aside from running her own online business, her other interests include photography, listening to an eclectic range of music, preparing an international assortment of culinary fare, getting absorbed in the appreciation of online talents in design and illustration among others.

One comment on “Small But Effective Marketing Tweaks

  1. Alchris
    September 20, 2012

    I really think that the real secret behind business is to build a strong plan and evaluate in the course of time, as what you mentioned above. Thanks for sharing!

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